P Ford Designs is a dream come true for Phyllis Bohn-Ford. She began sketching and painting farm scenes as a young girl while growing up in North Dakota. Phyllis likes using old saw blades as the substrate for reproducing the charm of the old days in the Red River Valley.. She likes preserving old barns, natural settings, wildlife and the long-forgotten rustic scenes of the midwest.

Phyllis uses authentic oil paints to retain her images on steel blades... she hopes her art will last forever.

Her favorite painting can be admired on a long saw that hangs in her home studio. It depicts a one-room-school house, which is long gone. It is hand painted on a 24" cross-saw, preserving the memories of her childhood.

As a young girl she enjoyed looking at various barn designs, old wooden fences, and beautiful sunsets suspended over her father's wheat fields.

Now-a-days she enjoys searching for unusual barns across the country-side in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Her favorite farm scene was discovered near Truman, Minnesota.and reproduced on a 18" long cross-cut hand saw.

Ms. Ford was asked why she paints on saw blades. "I want to preserve history on an unusual substrate that makes sense hanging in someone's home... something one would not find anywhere else."

She has succeeded. Her paintings are quite dramatic and can be found in cabins, farm homes, as well as modern homes. Some customers have commissioned her to paint special scenic settings of farm yards, cabin settings, unique historical buildings, and vintage churches.

Her recycling idea fits in well with the 21st Century pragmatic attitude called "repurposing."

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